Great View Roller Skating

180 US Route 4, Enfield, New Hampshire

(603) 632-7878 rink Phone    Gayl Pringle, Manager- Phone # Parties, Rentals and Information  (603) 304-8183

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 Let's Go Roller Skating! It's Fun! It's Good For You! It's affordable! Remember to go to the coupon page All the rink needs are you and friends. Plan a Birthday Party Private rental groups of friends. Let's Go Roller Skating Before it's gone. Please go to the schedule page for the most recent schedule. Watch the Video Below See the rink's Main Floor. LOOK! Go to coupon and save New $5 admissions "DJ THUNDER", FRIDAY NIGHT and Saturday Night call: Gayl at: 603-304-8183 or leave a message on the rink phone 603-632-7878 Fun for all ages n