Great View Roller Skating

180 US Route 4, Enfield, New Hampshire

(603) 632-7878 rink Phone    Peter Martin Owner/Manager (602) 727-4444  for Phone # Parties, Rentals and Information  Jennifer at (603) 306-9489

Web site: and on face book

Welcome to Great View Roller Skating Rink.  We are the last big rink in New Hampshire or Vermont.

We are easy to get to in the western part of the State of New Hampshire, right on Route 4.

We have public sessions and private rentals to fit your needs and schedues.

We also have roller derby with a home team called the Upper Valley Vixens.

If you can find interstate 89 in NH, get off at exit 17.  At the bottom of the exit, turn right putting you on Route 4 going east towards Enfield, NH.  Stay on Route 4 (do not turn right onto Rt. 4A) for about 3 1/2 miles and the rik is on the right. (Map Below)


GPS:  doesn't always put you in the correct location.  The official address is  180 US Route 4, Enfield, NH


Mailing address is different:  Send all mail to Great View Roller Skating, 106 North Main Street, Newport, NH 03773

Facebook:  Great View Roller Skating

Rinks phone number is 603-632-7878  Jennifer Allen:  (603) 306-9489 Rentals and Birthday Parties  Lot's of Fun Your way.  Where memories and Friends are made.

Peter Martin is General manager and owner  (603) 727-4444

you can reach us by e mail: