Great View Roller Skating

180 US Route 4, Enfield, New Hampshire

(603) 632-7878 rink Phone    Peter Martin Owner/Manager (602) 727-4444  for Phone # Parties, Rentals and Information  Jennifer at (603) 306-9489

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Print and bring coupon to get in those sessions


for a special $5 admission

(coupon required for discount)


Let's Go Roller Skating!

It's Fun!  It's Good For You! It's affordable!

Let's Go Roller Skating!


Let's Go Roller Skating!

Friday night Theme night skate,

Friday Nights 4/13/2018  & 4/20/2018

  7-10pm  mixed hits last 1/2 hour sock hop Dance

and rink top hits Dress up and make it special fun.



Saturday Night 7-10pm

shuffling hits, faster pace, top hits, Couples only, Men, Ladies, mixed fun.

 Let's Go Roller Skating! It's Fun! It's Good For You! It's affordable! Let's Go Roller Skating! Friday night Theme night skate, 7-10pm Saturday and Sunday Afternoon 1-4 family and General Skate Games (Number game and hokey pokey, music contest and mixed lighting.) We have room for private rentals groups during this week for 75- 200 people per rental 2hr,3hr, 4hr Be a hero and call us Peter at 603-727-4444 or Jennifer at 603-306-9489 Rec center and non profits check out our kick-back-private rental fund raiser specials and save big and raise money the easy way. Let's Go Roller Skating! Affordable fun! Where memories and Friends are made. See you soon. Great View Where memories and friends are made. Scroll down for Pricing We are open Sat, & Sun 1-4pm Fri & Sat night 7-10pm The inside temperature is NOW WARM INDIDE Plan a Birthday Party Private rental groups of friends. Let's Go Roller Skating Before it's gone. The inside temperature is Now Nice and WARM over 500,000 Btu's if needed. Friday & Saturday Nights Fun 7-10pm $10 admission $3 skates Saturday and Sunday Afternoon 1-4pm $10 admission $3 Skates Family and General Skate Check Coupon Page it changes. It might be your LUCKY DAY!