Great View Roller Skating

180 US Route 4, Enfield, New Hampshire

(603) 632-7878 rink Phone    Gayl Pringle, Manager- Phone # Parties, Rentals and Information  (603) 304-8183

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You may also use your own rink safe equipment.  All personal skates, bags, jackets and equipment may be checked before being allowed on our main floor or in the rink.

(We look for clean, safe parts, wheels and equipment for your safety, our patrons and


NO alochol, or smoking are allowed in the building, period.  Private food or drink are not  allowed in the building without advanced authorization of the rink management.

Children who are dropped off may not leave the building until picked up by a chaprone or parent.  Emergency numbers, name, phone number, and contact persons  are required. Failure to follow rink rules and safety may result in you being asked to leave without a refund and may lead to your removal including police action.


Great View is the last

BIG rink in New Hampshire

Built in 1977

Owned by Peter and Diane Martin since 1987

New Manager is the best

Gayl Pringle and staff

Quality Service, Management and Music Selections

Plan a private rental

we also have a band stage

The newly painted "BLUE" building

180 US Route 4, Enfield, NH





 Let's Go Roller Skating! It's Fun! It's Good For You! It's affordable! Let's Go Roller Skating! It's Fun! It's Good For You! It's affordable! ***Sunday has changed to due to Birthday's noon-2pm $5, 2pm-4pm $5 or $8 fo both NEW $5 Admissions ﷯

Sunday: Noon-2 $5 2-4pm $5 Both $8